Put a Stop to Squeaky Brakes

Come in for brake repairs in Matthews, North Carolina

Is your car failing to stop as quickly as it should? Don’t risk the safety of your passengers by putting off having your brakes checked! The mechanics at Killman Automotive can service brakes of all kinds on cars, SUVs and trucks weighing up to one ton.

Additionally, we offer fleet maintenance for medium-sized vehicles.

3 signs you need new brakes

How do you know when it’s time to invest in new brakes? Here are three signs you should have your vehicle inspected by our Matthews, NC mechanics:
  1. The brake pads are worn down. Checking the thickness of your brake pads is a surefire way to determine whether or not they need replacement.
  2. The brakes are making a loud noise. A shrill, high-pitched sound coming from your brakes means the pads have worn through. If it’s a grinding sound you’re hearing, don’t drive another mile – bring your vehicle to us immediately!
  3. Your brake pedal is vibrating. If your vehicle’s brake pedal is vibrating, it’s a sign of warped rotors. Make an appointment at Killman Automotive today!

Call 704-821-6446 to schedule brake replacement in Matthews, NC.