Are You Feeling Every Bump in the Road?

Bring in your vehicle for suspension repairs in Matthews, NC

Has your vehicle’s ride lost its smoothness? Do you feel every stray rock, crack and bump in the road?

Don’t lose your patience – you can enjoy a comfy ride once again! Book an appointment with the team at Killman Automotive. We service and replace suspension systems on cars, SUVs and trucks weighing up to one ton.

We also offer fleet maintenance for medium-sized vehicles.

It’s time you learned to love driving again

Don’t wait to replace your suspension system! The team at Killman Automotive can diagnose any issue before it becomes a bigger – and more expensive – problem. Our Matthews, NC mechanics are knowledgeable and experienced. We can repair or replace your vehicle’s:
  • Shocks
  • Struts
  • Springs
  • Ball joints
  • Bushings

Let us help you enjoy your commute again!

Call 704-821-6446 to schedule shock and strut repairs in Matthews, North Carolina.