It’s Time for a New Belt

We can replace your timing belt in Matthews, NC

Bring your vehicle to Killman Automotive in Matthews, North Carolina for repair or replacement of your timing belt. We work on cars, SUVs and trucks weighing up to one ton.

We also perform fleet maintenance on medium-sized vehicles.

3 reasons to get your timing belt checked out

Is routine service of your timing belt important? Here are a few reasons you should schedule a timing belt inspection at our Matthews, NC shop:
  1. All vehicles require routine timing belt service. You should have your car or truck’s timing belt checked or replaced every 90,000 to 120,000 miles.
  2. Chemicals can damage your timing belt. Oil, grease, solvents and cleaners will eat away at your timing belt. In fact, a timing belt splashed with antifreeze only retains about 10% of its service life!
  3. Timing belt breakage will destroy your engine.. If your timing belt breaks, it will most likely ruin your engine. You can avoid this by having it checked out by one of the trained mechanics at Killman Automotive.

Call 704-821-6446 to schedule engine repairs in Matthews, North Carolina.