Keep Your Engine Purring Like a Kitten

We offer car tuneups to residents of the Matthews, North Carolina area

Improve your engine’s efficiency – and prevent a costly breakdown – by scheduling a tuneup today. Our Matthews, NC mechanics will replace your vehicle’s spark plugs, clean the fuel injection system and more. We work on cars, SUVs and trucks weighing up to one ton.

Additionally, we provide fleet maintenance for medium-sized vehicles.

3 facts about tuneups in Matthews, NC

What exactly is a vehicle tuneup? Here are three things you may not know:
  1. They’re necessary. Most older vehicles should be tuned every 10,000 to 12,000 miles. Certain newer cars with electronic components can go longer without service.
  2. They prevent breakdowns. By replacing important components, checking the battery and leveling off fluids, you’ll prevent roadside emergencies in the future.
  3. They’re cost effective. Killman Automotive’s vehicle tuneups are an excellent value. Your vehicle will receive essential care and attention for a reasonable price.

Contact us today to find out everything that’s included in our vehicle tuneups.

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